• Are you wanting to explore your spiritual path and open to a deeper awareness?

• Are you ready to tap into your spiritual solace and elevate your state of consciousness?

• Are you willing to fully accept yourself and the healing power of purpose?

If this resonates in your heart and soul, then you are in the right place!


Is this a crucial moment in your life where you can feel that you are being called to change your life and the lives of others for the better?



Hey lovely!

My name Oneness Sankara. I support beings just like you in your journey to live your full purpose. I know that you have something inside of you that will light up the world and I can assist realising that potential.

Through energy healing, intuitive coaching and creative cultural expression we can work together to bring you into deep clarity and alignment with your Soul Purpose.



• 6 x 1 Hour Purpose Coaching Sessions

• Weekly accountability check-ins

• Bonus Meditations & Activations to support your daily practice

• Recordings of Soul Purpose Sessions so that you can lean into the transformative process and not worry about forgetting a thing!

Is Purpose Mentoring for me?

Is Purpose Coaching for me?


PURPOSE COACHING is for you if you are:

• Ready to awaken parts within you that will deliver you a life beyond your wildest dreams?

• Looking for someone to hold your hand through this stage in your spiritual growth?

• Seeking healing and greater understanding of why you are here?